• Flexi Solar

    Very resilient, thin and extraordinarily flexible, these panels are ideal for unconventional applications: curved surfaces, boats and yachts, caravans and tents, golf carts, trucks and busses… you name it, we can make it.

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  • Batteries

    A rechargeable battery can be charged, discharged into a load, and recharged many times; it is ideal to store any surplus energy produced by your solar system during the day for night usage.

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  • Inverters

    A solar inverter, or converter or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

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  • Portable Solar

    Carry the sun where ever you go!

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  • Solar Panels

    Solar panels absorb the sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity or heat.

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Solar Window Blinds

Solar energy producing window blinds are the world’s first solar smart blinds
that use solar energy to generate electricity for your home or office.

THE obvious solution for those who can't or don't want to install rooftop solar panels.

These Solar Blinds are the world’s first to allow you to generate your own electricity, at home or your business, and reduce
energy bills by up to 70%.

The Blinds integrate with Google Home and Echo (for voice control), plus other devices like the Nest thermostat which are an essential part of your smart home.

Once installed over a window either inside or outside - the smart blinds with built-in solar panels can instantly generate up to 150W per hour per square meter which is enough to power 30 LED light bulbs or three MacBooks.

Like sunflowers, the blinds follow the sun’s angle to absorb as much energy as possible and optimize natural room cooling/heating; they can be controlled through voice, sensor and wi-fi connections, are easily installed and can be connected to battery storage.

The outer shell of the blinds is made out of strong and durable aluminium. Air gun tested, the blades are unmatched on the market today when it comes to protecting your windows from poor weather conditions (e.g. storms, hail, etc.). Built for all climates, the Solar Blinds can operate perfectly in the wide range of temperatures – between -40 and + 176 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 and +80 degrees Celsius). Durable, high quality Sun Powered solar cells made in the USA offer a 25year lifespan making them the best value on the market today.

Our range covers all standard window sizes and we also offer custom built blinds.

Contact us to pre-order today!

  • Makes life easier

    Intelligently designed window blinds that make your smart home even smarter.

  • To fit all needs

    These Solar Blinds are designed to fit a broad range of windows. We have a variety of sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large.

    If you're interested in custom sizing, send us a message! We're here to cater to your specific needs.

  • Fully automated

    To absorb as much solar energy as possible, These Blinds automatically adjusts the angle of the panels to follow the sun’s position.

    You can setup the blinds to match your own schedule and needs. For example, the blinds can be setup to open automatically when you want to wake up, or close at predetermined time.

    These Blinds can even open automatically when someone enters a room to keep your house bright inside.

  • Makes life easier

    Intelligently designed window blinds that make your smart home even smarter.

  • Keep your privacy!

    Thanks to the aluminum shell, no one will be able to see through SolarGaps when closed, even with the help of an infrared camera.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)

    You can install these solar window blinds yourself by following our simple instructions. Just mount the blinds on the wall over your window using the brackets provided.

    We recommend you to install the blinds outside for better efficiency (up to 100-150 Wh in an hour per 10 sq. ft.). When installed inside, the amount of generated electricity is reduced.


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