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    Re-use that bath, shower, bathroom sink and washing machine water and let your garden thrive.

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  • Atmospheric Water Generator

    Water is everywhere, even if you can’t see it.

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Rain Harvesting

Rain, rain (don’t) go away…

Collect precious water in Bio-retention Basins to:

Supplement drinking water supplies - harvested unpolluted storm water is non-hazardous and requires a simple filtration, conditioning and sterilisation system to treat and deliver potable water that comply to SANS 241 of 2011. We believe that this additional source of potable water can play a significant role to enable communities, industries and municipalities to achieve higher levels of water security.

Irrigate gardens, parks, public areas, golf courses and other open spaces -non-hazardous and tolerable storm water is perfectly safe to use directly for irrigation purposes and if located on or near the areas which require the irrigation, the cost of delivering the irrigation water amounts to the pump equipment required to support the extent of irrigation We are convinced that large golf courses, residential estates, municipal parks, sports grounds etc. that suffer most from the current drought water restrictions, could benefit enormously from such additional water sources.

Manage surface storm water. Surface water can be captured in bio-retention basins, swales and soakaways to facilitate the filtration, conveyance, infiltration and bio-retention of storm water.


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